14 January 2013

Magic Weapons

A few ideas for magic weapons that are a little more interesting than the old +1 attack/+1 damage.

I especially like the idea of having magic weapons that have a drawback as well as a benefit, or a purely situational benefit, or even a non-combat function.

See also Eric's post at the Dragon's Flagon here. He does a great job of outlining the problems with ordinary +1 weapons, and offers some cool ideas to help ameliorate the situation. I especially like his idea of "hero" weapons and "rune" weapons.

Some of these weapons have Spells and Steel specific powers, but many of them are applicable to any old-school-style game.

Stay tuned for more!

  • Longsword, blade engraved with twisting serpents
    • On an attack roll of 15+, enemy's weapon shatters (unless magical). On a roll of 1, breaks in two. The halves can be reforged by any swordsmith, and the sword will retain its power.
  • Very long, thin sword - inscribed on blade is "it fades away, into nothing, and so is as the air"
    • Wielder always knows just how to move the blade to block any attacks - effectively cannot be hit by one opponent, so long as the user doesn't attack.
  • Longsword, blade, quillons, and pommel all tinted black
    • Bizarrely poorly balanced, and almost impossible to swing, but the edge is exceptionally keen. -10 to Attack and Defense, but roll 4d6 for damage.
  • Drips blood when held. Roll d10 for damage instead of d6.
  • Moves with exceptional nimbleness. Can fight an additional enemy without penalty.

  • Feels almost weightless. Ignores all armour.
  • Feels exceptionally heavy. Requires high strength (13+) to use (otherwise, -5 to hit and no damage bonus). Roll 2d6 for damage.
  • Looks like a woodman's axe, but handles like a battleaxe. Cuts through wood like it was butter.
  • Exceedingly sharp. Ignores all armour.
  • Ivory handle, pommel in shape of a fat man. Any food cut with this dagger is absolutely delicious.

Complex Polearms
  • Poleaxe - Gives wielder an imposing and fearsome mien. Enemies have a -4 modifier to their morale role.

  • Wielder doesn't bleed - doesn't take more wounds while hors de combat, automatically passes all Fortitude checks.

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