19 February 2014


Here is my take on summoning spirits, demons, fey, etc., and a few other bonus spells.
  • Ex Aethere, Servus (Out of the Ether, a Servant) (Mathias Penshawe)
    • PL: 20 + X
    • Duration: Until task is performed
    • Mechanism: 
    • Summary: Summons an arbitrary fey or daemon to perform one task. Requires an envoy, a path, a gift, and a timer. 
    • The envoy seeks out the summoned being, the path brings them to the caster, the gift binds them to serve, and the timer forces them to appear at a specific time.
    • Onerous service, complicated tasks, or tasks "beneath" fey can offend. They will comply, but may seek retribution.
    • X can be added to the PL to summon a more powerful fey:
      • 0: minor sprite, brownie, etc. - can do minor physical tasks (fetch this, mend that)
        • Gift: food
      • +5: lower fairie: some minor magic, can enchant people to misdirect them
        • Jewelry, etc. worth ~1£
      • +10: lower demon: will directly harm foes as a 5HD monster
        • animal sacrifice, goat or pig
      • +15: fairie: magic: can create masterful illusions
        • Jewelry, etc. worth ~10£
        • Must know specific name of fairie to be summoned, requires research
      • +20: daemon: very dangerous to summon, will directly harm foes as a 10HD monster
        • multiple animal sacrifices or human sacrifice
        • Must know specific name of demon
      • +25: fairie noble: exceedingly dangerous to summon - will almost certainly resent being forced to serve, but can perform any magic (this is, for instance, the only way to resurrect the dead)
        • Unique magic item, human slave
        • Must know specific name

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