22 December 2012

Even More Spells!

A couple more new spells.
  • False Familiarity (Dorothy Ackworth)
    • PL: 20 + X
    • Duration: X minutes
    • Mechanism: Sight.
    • Summary: Makes everyone in a dwelling believe they know the caster.
    • Occupants will not behave any differently than they would towards an acquaintance - attempts to enter at unusual hours, for instance, will likely be rebuffed.
    • Any extended contact with the occupants will make them uncomfortable - they will start to realize they have difficulty placing the caster, etc.
    • Any hostile or overtly bizarre behaviour (stuffing all the brass candlesticks in a sack, ransacking the library, punching the butler) will break the spell.
  • All Roads Lead to Home (Avis Cossington)
    • PL: 15 + X
    • Duration: 3 x X miles of marching
    • Mechanism: Centred around caster.
    • Summary: a road appears around the caster, leading where she will, and therefore preventing her from being slowed by terrain. 
    • Others may use the road as well.

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