16 December 2012

More Spells!

    A couple new spells.
      • Shadow Cloak (unknown)
        • PL: 10
        • Duration: Concentration
        • Mechanism: Self.
        • Summary: Caster appears as a shadow falling across the caster's location, so long as the caster doesn't move.
        • Shadow does not fall naturally, the unusual lie of the shadow can be detected by an astute observer.
      • And in its Place, the Simulacrum (unknown)
        • PL: 10
        • Duration: Until reversed by casting again.
        • Mechanism: Sight.
        • Summary: One object is switched with its reflection.
        • The object is now in the mirror, and an insubstantial image is in the real world.
        • If the mirror is destroyed, everything in it is also destroyed.
        • The object can be no bigger than the mirror used.

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