25 October 2012

Expected Outcomes: Wilderness Travel Distances

Roll a 2d6 for an expected outcome check. On an expected outcome result, you travel the amount given in the chart at the end of the post on Overland Movement.

On a worse than expected outcome, you're delayed by a mishap and lose time.

On a better than expected outcome, you hit a good stride, or find a game trail or something that makes your travel easier, and you make your day's travel distance early, letting you make a few extra miles, or give you extra time for study and finding a good campsite.

Worse outcomes:

  1. Poison ivy, etc. - lose 10%
  2. Lost - lose 25% of day
  3. Lost - lose 50% of day
  4. Horse throws shoe, depends on group's skills, or push on without it (slight chance of horse getting lamed - maybe 5%)
  5. Horse lame / Sprained ankle - lose horse
  6. Horse spooked - if pack animal, lose 10% of day tracking it down
  7. Thrown - someone thrown and hurt
  8. Kicked - someone kicked by horse and hurt

Better outcomes:

  1. Good momentum or favourable game trail - 20% extra or 20% early (more time to look for a campsite)

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