30 October 2012

Classes: The Fighter

A first-level Fighter should be a force to be reckoned with. This isn't just someone who picked up a sword. They have either seen battle, or have extensive training. Or maybe both. They should almost always win a fight against an untrained opponent.

  • Backgrounds:
    • Sellsword, Bandit, Man-at-arms, Hedge Knight, Yeoman, Squire, Knight, Noble
  • Abilities:
    • Use any weapon
    • Ignore first failed Fortitude check
    • +2 to Attack and Defence
  • Advancement by:
    • Surviving Battles, training
  • Further Advancement:
    • +1 to Attack and Defence
    • Every second level, fight an additional opponent without penalty
I haven't quite figured out the advancement rate for these things, but I definitely want to tie the advancement of each class to their key talents.

Next up: the Magician.

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