1 November 2012

Classes: The Magician

Magicians begin with 1 Power Level and knowledge of the Minor Works of the Major Magicians, but no martial training.

The Magician can gain additional Power Levels by studying new Books of Magic by the greats, or through study. Magical items, creatures, and unfamiliar spells all provide avenues of investigation for the magician's study. Further details on advancement will be covered in an upcoming series about XP and advancement in general.

I think that tying the magician's advancement to study will serve to cap some of the extreme power that magic can bring at higher levels by slowing advancement in game-time terms. It will also serve to reinforce the archetype I have in mind of a magician who spends much of his time in his library or laboratory studying, venturing forth primarily to find new materials for investigation.

  • Background:
    • Scholar, Hermit, Monk, Gentry, Noble
  • Abilities:
    • Power Level: 1
    • Knowledge of the minor works of major magicians.
  • Advancement by:
    • Studying new Books of Magic, magic sources, magical creatures, spells, etc.
  • Further Advancement:
    • +1 Power Level

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