19 November 2012

Simple Unarmed Combat

Following on my last post, unarmed combat becomes very simple. I've frankly never understood why people feel like a swordfight can be modelled by rolling d20 against AC, but that a fistfight can't. Why make it any more complicated?

Roll To Hit

Roll to hit. On a hit, strike for 1-2 non-lethal damage (deals Fatigue instead of Wounds).


If you don't have martial training, you can only do strikes. Your critical hits mean you and your opponent are now wrestling on the ground.

If you do have martial training, consult this table:

1-2: Disarm (or lock, if opponent is unarmed):

  • Your opponent's weapon falls to the ground.

3-4: Lock:

  • Opponent's choice:
    • Take 1d6 damage (bypasses all armour), drop your weapon, but remain standing
    • Move with the lock, and get forced to the ground. Opponent will still be armed but will be pinned to the ground by the lock.

5-6: Throw:

  • 2d6-L damage, Armour Reduction 1, opponent will be lying on the ground.

If you're locked or pinned, you need a critical to break free.

I think that's about as simple as you can make it. 90% of the time it'll be striking for damage, with a higher chance of higher level fighters getting solid holds and throws.